Mystagogy of the Forest

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Saturday January 13th 2018

with Fr. Anthony Keane osb

During this day we let our more ancient fellow creatures, our brothers and sisters of the forest share their secrets of life and co-existence,  revealing to us the deep buried treasures of our hidden selves.

Of all the plants, the  trees are the most balanced and upright, just as we stand erect among the animals. So we can feel a connection with them, a haptic connaturality.  They connect us gently with the past and with the future;  their roots  explore for us the underground, while their bare limbs on winter nights trace out for us the stars.  The natives among them speak of Ireland’s ancient past, while the exotics bring tales of different climes.  All of them look to the sun and with limbs uplifted  give praise to the Lord.

Who is this for? Glenstal is blessed with many beautiful trees. This day is for anyone who wants to experience the wonders of trees and what we can learn from them.

Anthony Keane, BA. He studied archaeology In Dublin and theology in Rome. He joined the monastic community in Glenstal in 1965. His main focus has been on the magnificent trees and woodlands in Glenstal.


Information:     Bring suitable outdoor boots/clothes.

Registration 10am @ Monastery Reception.

Finish @ 5.15 with option of staying for Vespers @ 6pm

Cost: €85 (including lunch, morning and afternoon tea/coffee)

Booking:  / 061 – 621005