Active Schools Week


Glenstal’s 3rd Active Schools Week was again blessed with fine weather and gave everyone the best opportunity to enjoy some de-stressing physical activities at the end of the academic year. Throughout the week, 1st year students wore pedometers that tracked the amount of steps taken over the course of a day. KAPPA emerged with the highest average with 9,189 steps. It is recommended to get as close to 10,000 steps as possible, as this will mean you have walked 5 miles in one day. Interesting to note is that KAPPA had a PE lesson on the day they wore the pedometers. While this is a good sign for the day the students have PE class, it gives some food for thought for the days which they might not have a scheduled time for activity.


Every lunch time had an event scheduled which meant, after a quick bite to eat, the students and staff were on the move to the nearest event. Luckily, for all those in Glenstal, the fun and activity didn’t stop when the school day was over either, it only began! On Monday, last year’s main event, sumo wrestling, took centre of the atrium again. Titanic battles saw many peers and brothers face off in three rounds of frantic sumo wrestling. This provided much entertainment for the large crowd gathered all around. Monday evening activities included a Junior, Inter and Senior competition in Drop Goals, Puc Fada (long puck) and Cic Fada (long kick). This drew a great crowd to the pitches and some close competition in each of the events.

Tuesday’s lunch time provided students and staff an opportunity to take penalty shots at Mr. Adam Newman. Last year, after 70 penalties were taken, only 24 made it to the net meaning Mr. Newman saved 46. With a significant challenge ahead, students got to the hall early to prepare their penalties. This time, after 75 penalties, Mr. Newman had saved an incredible 50 shots and only conceded 25! After school, it was to the pitches again where the 1st years played out the final of their hotly contested soccer tournament while a variety of students from 1st to 6th year played American Football in an exciting encounter. In the soccer, it was the side captained by Liam Quinn-Berger that emerged victorious defeating the team with top goalscorer in the competition, Aboudi Al-Helaissi, as their captain. The 5th year students had their own soccer match going too as they prepared for their encounter with 6th years on Sport’s Day.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Bench Press and Deadlift competitions drew a large crowd to the gym. Some incredible feats of strength were demonstrated following the weigh-in which provided a most entertaining contest.

Thursday’s lunch time event was cricket bowling. With Aussie Gap Students, Austin, Mitch and Josh, the challenge was most difficult for our boys to bowl them out. Successful bowls this year came from Cian O’Farrell and Andrew Hogan. Thursday evening  saw a surprise event come to Glenstal with the Gladiator Joust Castle: it provided all students on the pitches with hours of entertainment. Students used batons to knock their opponent from their pedestal in order to win their duel. Some scores were settled, rematches were had and even elements of revenge were witnessed! Once again, the water polo event provided some big laughs and invariably a water fight. All in all, it was a thoroughly entertaining afternoon on the pitches with students and staff all engaged in activities.

The annual ‘Staff versus Sixth Year Students’ soccer game took place Friday afternoon after class. Earlier that day, staff and 6th years ate lunch together with numerous people speaking fondly of their memories of the boys and their time in Glenstal. Officiating the game was Mr. Tony Breen and he kept a firm grip on proceedings so as to avoid tensions getting too high on the field of play. It was a tight affair but it was the teachers who scored first when Mr. Cathal Reid controlled the ball well in the penalty area, turned and tucked the ball into the right hand corner. The lead didn’t last long as within a matter of minutes Jack O’Mahony rattled a ball to the top corner of the teachers’ net. Matters got worse for the teachers as a ball behind the defence was met with a sniping Declan Floyd run. When he met the football, he lifted it over the onrushing Mr. Adam Newman and celebrated giving his peers the lead. Minutes before half time, Mr. Benny McEvoy levelled proceedings when some ping pong in the rectangle resulted in the ball reaching him. Benny make no mistake with the strike.

A draw game at half time meant a close second half was expected. That’s how it was until a flurry of goals killed off the student challenge. First, Shane Mullally netted with a powerful strike. Shane could have had another but he missed from the penalty spot after Mr. Kevin Duffy had been brought down in the penalty area. Mr. Aiden McNulty put the staff two goals up before getting his second shortly after to finish off the staff team’s scoring. The drama wasn’t just over yet as Jack O’Mahony won and converted his own penalty before the staff themselves were awarded another. This time, Mr. Adam Newman came up from goals to try and net the football but he dragged his effort wide. At the full time whistle, it remained 5-3 in favour of the staff. The students must be commended for the manner which they played they game.

Active Schools Week drew to a close and it was time for a well deserved ice-cream on the field once the game had concluded. All the award winners are listed below and well done to everyone who made this a fantastic Active Schools Week. Thoughts and plans are underway to make 2018, the best one yet!